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Memory Lane Word Search For Adults & Seniors Large Print


Memory Lane Word Search For Adults & Seniors Large Print:

100 Pages Of Large Print Word Search Puzzles For Seniors On Classic Events From The 20th ... Relief & Adult Relaxation Activity Books

  • Are you looking for word search books for adults to help you relax and unwind after a busy day?

  • Are you looking for large print puzzle books for adults, for your next vacation?

  • Are you looking for a beautiful gift for adults and seniors to provide a great meditative mind escape?

Look no further because this Memory Lane Word Search for Adults Large Print is just for you!

It is a memory game which comes with 100 search and find puzzles filled with classic events and memories of the 20th Century (50s – 90s) to evoke some nostalgia from the decade and relive some memorable moments. This brain games for adults book will indulge you into hours of enjoyment and uplifting moments to keep your brain active and focused.

This memory game word find book is filled with beautifully designed retro pages themed from the last decade that are so inspiring to color and word searches big enough to see, giving you plenty of coloring options for extra relaxation and calmness.

You will 
LOVE this large print word search puzzle for seniors.

In this word find puzzle book, you will find:

100 puzzles providing hours of nostalgia
✳️ Summaries of key events/legend biographies to 
learn something new
25 words per page to keep your brain active and focused for longer
✳️ Epic 
retro patterns for additional coloring to relieve stress
Fun times from the puzzles for ultimate calm and relaxation
✳️ Improve 
family relationships and bonding with friends by sharing the fun experience
✳️ Improve your 
knowledge and curiosity on different classic events
✳️ Tiered difficulty level including 
Easy, Medium and Hard levels for greater excitement
Puzzle solutions available for reference and corrections
Large print in 8.5x11” format making it suitable for any age group

This activity book for adults has been designed in large print with exciting content to help you relax, provide stress therapy with a nostalgic theme and provide you with lots of fun!

This is a beautiful and ideal gift for adults (men or women) who need a great meditative mind escape, decompress from any activity and relieve stress.

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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Paid to Piss People Off

Paid to Piss People Off:

Book #1:PEACE, Book #2: PORN, Book #3: PRAYER

 "Paid To Piss People Off" is a three volume memoir by a man who was at the forefront of major civil liberties issues for 50 years. He sought amnesty for those who refused to participate in the Vietnam War and achieved relief for veterans whose discharges, often without trials, cost them medical and other benefits. He fought censorship of all kinds, including nearly singlehandedly destroying the Reagan-era Meese Commission on Pornography. At the ACLU, he fought for the free speech rights of flag burners, rap and rock musicians, and purveyors of "disfavored" products from condoms to tobacco. He joined forces with well-known conservatives in battling campus speech codes and restrictions on political advertising. For 25 years, he led Americans United for Separation of Church and State. In that job, he opposed mandated school prayer, taxpayer funded support of private religious schools, "creationism," discrimination against employees and beneficiaries by religiously based organizations getting government grants, efforts to restrict reproductive choice and abortion, and those who would use religion to cause harm to members of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Barry Lynn went from being a shy child to positions that brought him into public confrontations on the debate circuit, in the media, and in the halls of Congress with virtually every right-wing ‘leader’ in America, from Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell to Bill O’Reilly, Pat Buchanan, Colonel Oliver North and Tucker Carlson. Lynn is both an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ and a lawyer who is a member of the Supreme Court bar. He has won prestigious awards, such as one for “creative citizenship” from the Nation Institute and the Puffin Foundation, and a “Freedom of Worship” medal from the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Foundation, as well as numerous other honorary doctorates and commendations from civil rights and women’s organizations.

The book has drawn praise from many perspectives. Decorated Marine and author of Born On the Fourth of July Ron Kovic called it “an unforgettable portrait of a generation in turmoil.” Wade Henderson, a civil rights leader, said the memoirs “captured the unvarnished essence of one of the most important voices of his generation.” Journalist Thom Hartmann claimed that Lynn “shows how real activism works and how you can do the work too!” Comedian and social commentator Lewis Black said that “Lynn brilliantly expresses his ideas, which he delivers with wit, humor, and panache.”

Click here to get Paid to Piss People Off

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

A Chance Encounter: A Seattle Romance

A Chance Encounter: A Seattle Romance

Aniyah is a 25-year-old working a dead-end job with dreams of returning to school to become a librarian. Recovering from the end of her 5-year relationship, she isn’t looking for love. Seamus is a 36-year-old man who has never been able to settle down. Seamus works as a lawyer at his older brother’s company. He dreams of opening a chain of literary cafes but fears failure. A minor car accident on a Monday morning brings them together. Can Aniyah move on from her past and give love another chance? Can Seamus take the leap and step out on his own? Can this chance encounter create a happy conclusion for these two strangers?


Hello, I'm a Bee

Hello, I'm a Bee 

"Hello! I'm a bee! Join me and learn about what I do every day. There's no reason to be scared. We can get along!"

Follow this cute, friendly bee as he travels around doing the things bees do every day. Children love his friendly smile as he welcomes them into his world.

Encouraging children to think of the environment is something that starts young. With bees facing a decline due to illness, parasites, and environmental changes, there has never been a better time to introduce children to the local honey bee.

About this book:

Paperback: ‎ 29 pages

Reading age: ‎ K - 2

Style: Poetry, Large text

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

God Is Always There to Help You

God Is Always There to Help You:

A pocket guide to a meaningful life

Are you ready to discover how God can make your life of mess into something beautiful and purposeful?

In this book, author Naomi White shares her personal journey of faith and provides powerful insight on developing a closer relationship with the Lord. Through her life experience, readers will come to understand how God has renewed her perceptions and inspired her to live a life of purpose. With kindness around sensitive topics, readers will be given suggestions and advice on how to apply God's teachings in their own lives and develop a journey of faith in the God who can transform anyone’s life.

Let this book help guide you on your own spiritual walk and inspire you to experience the joy of living a life of purpose. Pick up this book today and let it be your guide on how God can make anything beautiful!


Monday, March 20, 2023

Super Food Power


Super Food Power:

A children's book about the powers of colourful fruits and vegetables

What foods give YOU super powers?

Explore all the different colour fruits and vegetables that give your body the powers it needs to do AMAZING things!

We know that we should 'eat a rainbow' of different food colours to keep our bodies healthy. SUPER FOOD POWER gives kids knowledge about nutrition and teaches them that colourful fruit and vegetables give their bodies super powers. This fun picture book walks children through different colour fruits and vegetables including some common and not so common varieties. The language is simple, fun and non judgemental. Each page explains what macronutrients or 'super powers' certain colour foods can provide us with, and what they're good for.

"GREEN foods are full of FOLATES that are great for your heart"

"BLUE foods have FLAVONOIDS that put you in a good mood"

With cute illustrations and a handy reference list of colourful foods to add to your next meal, this book is a fun and engaging way to get your kids interested in eating well to set them up for good habits and a healthy lifestyle, as well as learning their colours. Grab some purple carrots or blue tomatoes for dinner tonight!

SUPER FOOD POWER is for children of all ages, with large simple text for early readers and more challenging descriptions for advanced learners. A great food education tool for parents, guardians, grandparents, teachers, nutritionists, dieticians and care givers or anyone who loves learning about science, nutrition, healthy bodies and STEM subjects.

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Prayer Journal for Women


Prayer Journal for Women:

52 weeks Guide Prayer, Devotional and Scripture Journal 

The Prayer Journal for Women was designed to be the best tool for your spiritual journey because we believe that prayer, meditation, and appreciation are the cornerstones of a fulfilling personal connection with God. This diary has more than 140 pages for recording prayer and thankfulness, inspirational Bible quotes, and plenty of blank space for writing. It may be personalized to match your specific needs.

Every week features:

2 pages for week that include:

Reflections and Highlights- You can witness how God works in your life over the course of a year by using the tracker called Answered Prayers, which has room for you to record your prayers. In this page there is also space for you write down your own reflections and your gratitude to God.

A motivational Bible verse to think about and concentrate on during the week so that you can learn it by heart and instill it in your soul.

Extra pages - Use the full pages to record your affirmations, small group updates, bible study notes, your requests for His help, the topics that are on your mind, how you would like to be taught and led, as well as a Bible verse about the effectiveness of prayer.

  • 150 pages
  • Size 6 x 9 in.

Memory Lane Word Search For Adults & Seniors Large Print

  Memory Lane Word Search For Adults & Seniors  Large Print: 100 Pages Of Large Print Word Search Puzzles For Seniors On Classic Events ...