Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Pretty Dysfunctional


Pretty Dysfunctional:

Chaotic Ramblings Turned into Poetry 

Discover the Free-Spirited Poetry of Veianya Hansen

What happens when a retired porn actress takes a poetry class?

Pretty Dysfunctional, an unconventional, yet familiar collection of chaotic ramblings brilliantly turned into poetry.

Embark on a chaotic journey of the soul alongside Veianya Hansen, as she takes you on a trip experiencing the many sides of human emotions. Pretty Dysfunctionala refreshing way to enjoy poetry that will make you think, smile, and even look at the world around you in a radically different way.

“With pina colada smeared on my face

It’s that kind of scene and I can't stay clean

Feel like a washed up, disgusting, disgrace

The producers a jerk and being mean”

Aching, Yearning, and Honest.

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Monday, January 17, 2022

Mandela Effect Memories


Mandela Effect Memories

What If I Told You Everything You Know Is a Lie!

This memorable line and other shared memories have seemingly changed from what a group of people remember.

The Mandela Effect encompasses a mysterious set of mismatching memories and is known to cause a surreal feeling.

Let’s explore the possibility of these mismatching memories being caused by false memories, parallel universes, or a simulated reality.

Concepts from quantum mechanics might hold the key to narrowing down the possible cause for this incredible phenomenon.

Imagine, if you will that memories change over time without you even realizing it!


Sunday, January 16, 2022

Two Ticks


It’s a Lucky Day for Those Seeking Inspiration to Love Again! This Erotic Novel about the Rollercoaster of Sex and Love Will Leave You Flicking through Pages. 

Two Ticks is an erotic novel about a woman who has been married for years and starts to explore her sexuality outside of the marriage. 

The book follows this journey full of forbidden passion and mutually exclusive emotions of self-discovery and adventure. 

If you're looking to read about forbidden lust and passion, this book is all yours to delve into! 

It's about a celibate doctor, Delphine, who, over time, has lost touch with what sex should feel like. The spouse, Harry, is a self-satisfactory foreplay expert. Harry is big talk on good sex but cannot offer it.

Delphine starts cheating on her spouse with her customer (inadvertently at first), but it's a new sensation that demands to be explored in her mind.

There are so many twists and turns throughout this enthralling story, making it an unputdownable read for anyone looking to read about a hot, erotic, and passionate adventure. 

Is it self-discovery or wrongful adultery? There's a delicate line between the two, a place where the wonderfully constructed characters of the novel will do anything but tiptoe about!

This book has everything from romance to sex scenes that are sure to keep you entertained until the very end!

It’ll take you on an emotional roller coaster that will leave your heart pounding at times, and other times filled with warmth. 

You'll laugh, cry, feel anger towards certain characters, and fall in love all over again!

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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Motivating Yourself The Sexy Way



Motivating Yourself The Sexy Way 

Motivation is one of the most amazing forces in our universe, but did you know it is also one of the sexiest forces in the universe? Motivating Yourself the Sexy Way explains the connection between your motivation and your sexuality. Once you learn how your motivation matches up with the stages of your sexuality, your motivation will take on a different light. You will be led through the stages - both your sexual experiences and your motivational experiences - from anticipation to relaxation and all the incredible experiences in between.  

You will learn how energy effects your motivation in the most sensual of ways.  

"While the climactic state is an explosion of energy, the blissful state is an implosion of energy. "

Motivating Yourself the Sexy Way is designed to blast you through the motivational process allowing you to understand the energetic boosts as well as the times when things stall. Knowing the stage of motivation you are in will help you stay motivated instead of giving up like so many people do. 

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Motivation Yourself The Sexy Way

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Tuesday, January 11, 2022




Chicago Police Department detective “Mack” McPherson returns to the Indiana lakes community after 23 years to confront those who murdered his brother and others who covered up the crime. When they suddenly become murder victims, Mack becomes suspect number one, challenging him to track down their killer, a dangerous psychopath on his own mission of retribution.

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Monday, January 10, 2022

The Canary Room


The Canary Room 

The future of promising Journalist, Marcus Baez, is put in jeopardy when he's falsely convicted of double homicide .  Sentenced to life, his journey to prison takes a powerful, yet sinister detour through a triangle of Injustice, Human Nature & Truth, before coming to rest in the abomination known only as The Canary Room

Sunday, January 9, 2022



With the help of a freakishly wise janitor, a newly-hired membership director struggles to keep a fitness center afloat while being given ridiculous tasks from an ethically-questionable owner.

Take an opinionated and all-around diverse group of fitness trainers, add a sketchy owner, a genius janitor, and throw in an endearing but largely incompetent general manager, and you have the perfect recipe for riotous, chaotic hilarity. You have Squat!

Set in a large fitness center in the Boston suburbs, the sitcom follows Scott Carter, a former big-shot marketing executive who takes a job at Squat Spot Fitness out of desperation. Carter quickly discovers that the place is run by an ethically-questionable owner willing to exploit staff and clients alike, and a general manager who’s in way over his head. With the help of a bright fitness director and a freakishly wise janitor, Carter manages to keep the gym open... for at least a bit longer.

Squat! features an interesting cast of characters who embody many of the social and political issues of the day. Rather than address these issues directly, they remain lightly veiled within seemingly petty arguments and conflicts. Each episode offers viewers the anticipation and fun of discovering the parallel “real world” political and social issues highlighted. Without taking sides, Squat! invites viewers to laugh at the absurdity of humanity while deepening understanding of those with differing beliefs.

The series presents an additional running theme of owner Jack Pemberton’s dubious assignment to Scott Carter. Carter struggles to satisfy his boss without compromising his values.

Squat! offers humor—of the smart, subtle, and laugh-out-loud varieties—along with lovable, fallible characters, and even an insight or two about creativity, understanding, and ethics.

The first season comprises ten fully-scripted episodes, rewritten as a comedic novel. Season One innocuously and hilariously provides a nod to such topics as COVID / mask-wearing, claims of election fraud, QAnon conspiracy theories, pronouns, “Karens,” defunding the police, multi-level marketing scams, cults, and even truth itself.

If Seinfeld had a threesome with Dodgeball and The Office, and miraculously conceived a lovechild, Squat! would be it.

Pretty Dysfunctional

  Pretty Dysfunctional: Chaotic Ramblings Turned into Poetry  Discover the Free-Spirited Poetry of Veianya Hansen What happens when a retire...